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Few events disrupt a company's activities more than receiving a complaint alleging infringement of intellectual property rights. Significant costs are likely to be incurred, even if the company ultimately prevails. Management time and attention will be diverted to the litigation. The company may be required to significantly modify the accused product or process, or marketing campaigns. Customer credibility may be irreparably damaged.

MacCord Mason attorneys are experienced in all phases of intellectual property litigation, and can provide the client with the quick response and guidance required to defend against an infringement claim, whether the litigation proceeds through trial, or is resolved through formal or informal negotiation. Litigation matters within MacCord Mason are led by Jim Lester, with support from the attorneys having primary responsibility for providing business guidance to the client. Litigation paralegals also support the litigation attorneys. The MacCord Mason attorneys are also qualifed to prevent other parties from using the client's intellectual property without authorization.
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