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Group Attorneys:

Life Sciences technologies, in particular pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, are some of the most promising emerging technologies. Companies focused toward innovation in the Life Sciences field are faced with an array of business opportunities and risks. In order to achieve and maintain a competitive market position, a Life Sciences organization must be poised and committed to protecting its valuable intellectual property. In addition to intellectual property protection, a Life Sciences organization may also require proper advisement to create a business strategy through technology licensing.

The Life Sciences Practice Group of MacCord Mason assists our clients in developing, protecting and exploiting their intellectual property assets. We are dedicated to facilitating our clients understanding of the business opportunities intellectual property creates. Our team of registered patent attorneys has been involved in a variety of aspects of the Life Sciences. Our success in obtaining intellectual property protection meeting the goals of our clients, rests not only upon thorough knowledge of the law, but also upon the broad base of technical experience possessed by members of the law firm.

The following strengths are particularly relevant to assisting Life Science clients in obtaining protection for intellectual property:
  • Expertise: Members of the MacCord Mason Life Sciences Practice Group have technical backgrounds that facilitate effective communication with inventors in the Life Sciences field. Several Group members possess advanced technical degrees in engineering and the life sciences and have had extensive hands-on practical and research experience in industry and academia. We have members with experience in pharmaceuticals, plant science, veterinary science particularly ruminants, chemicals and chemical intermediates, forensics, genetics, immunology, polymers, resins, alloys, probiotics, nutraceuticals, inorganic compositions and processes, food science safety hygiene and diagnostic testing, agricultural and medical devices.
  • Market Driven Approach: In addition to identifying and protecting intellectual property, MacCord Mason assists in technology transfer, licensing, structuring of strategic alliances and joint marketing arrangements. Patents are seen as business tools that boost our clients' competitive position. We foster an understanding of opportunities and risks so that business decisions may be made with confidence.
  • Innovation and cost effectiveness: The relatively small size of our practice and exclusive focus on intellectual property allow us to obtain cost-effective, meaningful protection for our clients' intellectual property assets. We constantly explore the use of innovative patent prosecution tools to decrease the time required to prepare, file and prosecute applications in a cost-effective manner.

    The Life Sciences Practice Group of MacCord Mason would like to explore the possibility of working with you to help further develop your intellectual property portfolio. Please contact Jason Conradsky, Esq. , Kelly Robinson, Esq. , or Doug Tsao, Esq. if you would like to learn more of our experience and the ways in which we can help you attain your business goals.

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