Many clients initially meet with MacCord Mason to explore intellectual property protection for a product that is about to be, or has already been, introduced into the market. In other instances, new clients may contact the firm after receiving a notification that one of the client's activities infringes third-party intellectual property rights.


As described in other pages, the firm is able to address either circumstance. However, the scope of intellectual property protection available to the client can be optimized, and the risk of litigation and attendant cost significantly decreased, through a continuing dialog between the firm and client management at all stages of research and development.


Accordingly, the firm seeks to develop long-term client relations in which the firm gains a detailed understanding of the client's business, its goals, and its competitive environment. With this knowledge, the firm is best able to assist the client in:


  • Organizational structuring to ensure that potential intellectual properties are not lost through improper record keeping, premature disclosure, or misunderstandings with employees concerning ownership.



  • Early identification of third-party intellectual property assets that could potentially conflict with product developments and assistance in designing around the potential problem.



  • Identification and evaluation of intellectual properties and the level and type of protection that is commercially appropriate. Commercialization of intellectual properties through agreements with third parties.


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